John Lynch was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended college in Missouri and received a B.S. in Industrial Technology. During college, John was introduced to furniture design, fabrication and lathe work, as well as to the great, hardwood forests where he spent a lot of time admiring nature’s splendor. His love of nature influenced his artistic work throughout his life and still does today.

In the years following college, John and his young wife, Peggy, took on many projects, including a 1915 millionaire’s mansion that they fully restored into a fishing retreat. At the same time, John was building and running a wonderful rustic restaurant Then in 1984, John and Peggy moved to Estes Park where John began to pursue his main interest — woodworking.

John has lived in the picturesque town of Estes Park, Colorado since 1984. In this inspiration setting, he devotes himself to woodworking full time. He continues to seek new and innovative designs while honing time-honored techniques. For years, the concept of simplicity in design intrigued him, and more recently, the lure of Early-American folk art, known as “rustic” or “twig” art, captured his imagination. Subsequently, John seeks to blend utility with aesthetics in a furniture style that he calls “Rustic Elegance.” John’s furniture has caught the eyes of many people, including the Archdiocese of Denver — who commissioned him to build a remarkable armoire for The Pope.

John now focuses most of his attention on bowl turning. He loves the challenge of turning a large chunk of wood into a work of art. John aims to find the unique characteristics that Mother Nature placed in each piece of wood and collaborate with her to draw them out and share them with the world.

He certainly does just that. John turns a variety of bowls, from rustic and multipurpose utility bowls, to paper-thin vessels and hollow forms, to wall hangings or art pieces. Two of John’s most spectacular techniques are etching and burning graphic designs into his creations. He often enhances his pieces by introducing natural stones, such as turquoise, which results in a unique creation enhanced by natural and dramatic color.

For years, John Lynch’s delightful work has inspired awe and admiration. Whether influenced by Native American, Irish/Celtic, or Asian cultures, his woodworking blends superior talent with both classic and eclectic design.

John’s work has been featured in many of the most celebrated galleries along Colorado’s Front Range and in Estes Park and Grand Lake, Colorado. More recently, he directs most of his attention toward his own gallery, located on his property in Estes Park.